Oh The Drama…Ups and Downs

Now that I am succeeding without fear in my scuba class (4 of 6 classes complete), I did my run test after it around 10:45pm.  This is a 5k to see how I do vs. a month ago.  My lower back hurt and I felt like I was stuck at a slow pace I’d been training at for low HR training during the warmup.  First night trying my headlamp also.  Kenny saw me on the way out the door and said he was going to bed.

First mile I just tried to pick it up vs. the warmup and when I heard it was 8:57, I was psyched!  Middle part always the toughest so stayed steady and tried to pick it up at the end.  I was afraid when I passed our house the lights would be out (total deflater as it would be truly me all alone in the middle of the night next to a bunch of woods containing who knows what!) but they were not.

Results below – took off 1:30 off my time with 8:46 pace!  YES!

Week of 12/17/18 Week of 1/23/2019
Avg HR 156 159
Max HR 169 169
Avg Pace 9’12” 8:46
Time to complete 29’39” 28’08”
Rating 3 (1 is best) 3 (if I slowed pace after, could have run a lot after)
Conditions 33F, neighborhood loop 3.2 miles, after work 39F, started at 10:45pm, neighborhood loop, did 10 min warmup. Each mile is a bit faster. (8:57, 8:43, 8:42)
SPM 155 Avg 157



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