After Activity Report Week 6, Jan 27, 2019

Title pic is from my makeup run in Boston on Saturday.

Finished Don’t Hurt Me by David Goggins.  I alternated between being mad at him for being so arrogant, at being afraid I couldn’t be as hardcore as he is, and thinking how much I agree with a lot of what he says.  I’m going to start using two of his tools, an after activity report to analyze last week and I’m going to make a list of my own cookie jar – things I can be proud of that I’ve done throughout my life to use when things get tough.

Week 6 AAR

Good things

  • Beat my 5k by 1:30 with new record of 28:08 with 08:46 pace, avg HR 158/max 169.
  • I can comfortably run in zone 2 now and keep my HR under 118.  In fact, I’m having to work at keeping my HR up in Z3 when I need to now
  • I conquered my fear of scuba and have done well in class – only 2 more to go.  Did all the homework over the weekends and spent 6 hours in class after work
  • I got a note from my CEO Friday night saying what I great job I did talking to our new, largest customer as we opened the new Operations Center I run.  This is a pic of me giving a tour of it
  • Did more than I ever have with bench press since surgery pressing 3@105lb
  • Did the most pullups in 18 yrs with 4 in a row (building up 1 more a week with shoulder coming back)
  • Went to see my skeletal cleaner to help me with my lower back and overall issues
  • Hit new low weight of 138.4 lbs and consistently stayed under 140 lb

ops ctr 2.jpg

Not so good

  • Missed two days of workouts because I was tired and worked late and chose sleep – although ultimately I didn’t do a good job with that either.  Made up aerobics on weekend but missed two crossfit classes and a strength day – which are important to me.
  • Am not doing a good job meditating daily
  • Did not do max squat because of fears for my rickety lower back
  • Although I have been doing a lot of mobility, I have to do it every day
  • Missed my PT appointment
  • Cheated on eating and had some limoncello and a few stress eating chocolates at work

What to do differently

  • I have to get 7 hours sleep – I am not rested when I wake up.  In bed by 9:30 – no playing on phone if I wake up except to put on music.
  • Move aerobic workouts during the week to the morning – instead of wasting time watching stupid videos, do the workout and get it out of the way.  Wake up at 5am to do this.
  • Add 5 min meditation in am and consistent daily 10 min stretching
  • If back doesn’t improve, need to make appt with Dr. Caddoo
  • Create Good ab routine
  • Drink 2 glasses of water when I wake up

What I need help with

  • Am I not eating enough anymore?  Am not losing that much weight so was keeping at RP base level even if doing 2 hour + workouts a day
  • Mobility routine – not sure mine is right.  I have to improve this this year a lot.  I don’t accept my times have to be slower with age when my mobility is such an issue.
  • Good ab routine

Mostly clean eating, honest reporting and feeling a little down but definitely not out!!!


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