My sweet mom & overcoming transition

Busy and emotional two months with work and family drama, root canals and fractured pinky toes….

  • Jan 3 Quit NEC
  • Jan 9 Benchmarked basic lifting
  • Jan 10-14 Hungout in TN while working last week at NEC
  • Jan 17 First day at Fluence
  • Next week – worsening mouth pain!
  • Jan 27 Mom goes into hospital
  • Jan 29 Root Canal Part 1
  • Jan 31 Mon Laura flies to Nashville to help sis with Mom and mom gets out Wed 2/2 (working new job remotely)
  • Mon 2/8 -2/13 Laura flies to TX, AZ for first work trip to see sites and team……. end of month 1 at new job!
  • 2/20 Laura fractures left pinky toe stumbling down living room step
  • 2/26 Root canal Part 2

I am on the hunt for fun and joy and to break from the tiring rut of having it be hard to get out of bed and being so tired at the end of the day. How do you transition from being tired/exhausted from your work directly into a new job and deal with stressful family issues at the same time? My approach has been to do the following these last two months:

  • Workout when I can. I have some dumbbells, KBs now permanently in TN. The parks have beautiful trails and when I ran around my sister’s neighborhood, I got chased by all the dogs but had very fun stops visiting her and her ducks during interval training. I also did fun tabatas at rest areas driving back from TN during the first trip. This fractured toe has slowed me down some…..
  • Drink a little too much (diet not going well at all YET), those wine slushies in TN are great and the long term vision is overcome by short term need right now.
  • Have fun and love my mom and sister
  • Meditate …I have slowed down thankfully because of this
  • Bring my cats downstairs with me – I do love hanging out in my basement gym. Love them all the time those sweet little things!
  • Don’t work too much accepting what I can do. Have fun on the trip enjoying travel, BADASS coffee and my new team
  • Sleep
  • Hunt and reengage in some things I love to do. ie. got tickets for the Zion ragnar race, went skate skiing with Kenny, signed up for a concert, practiced piano a little, found the energy to actually clean the house!

Last Friday I saw a glimmer of the old self after a good day at work with the team and customers. Saturday after my root canal I went for a fun drive to Salem and Marblehead and to see my friend Robbie…

In the meantime, last year the mountain half marathon really kicked my butt into training gear. Similarly to that, I signed up for a long race at the end of March. I may not be able to do it with my new toe issue but I can act like I will and hopefully kick the food/diet into gear….

I’ll be back!

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