Small Changes, Big Difference

So I succeeded in a few things to help my mental health and to reduce stress:

  • Thanksgiving meant a few days off and I also left early 2 days. I took off half a day Friday before thanksgiving week as well. Needed that.
  • Got moving again with 2 good weeks of crossfit
  • Upped macros to 2000 cal/maintenance
  • Played piano and practiced sight reading – can tell that is better
  • Spent more time on positive things I can do in the future
  • Moved my standing lunch meetings out of there so I can take a break at lunch (the break was not accomplished yet)
  • Put up my Christmas Tree!

Last Sunday, I went out on a trail run at Beaver Brook, not knowing how I’d feel and did an hour/5 miles and felt great – Just taking off 4 hrs on the previous Friday helped a ton. There were a bunch of leaves and I did one superman fall but didn’t get hurt. It did scare me though so I won’t be doing trails with leaves until next season while I finish my shoulder rehab – six months is end of December.

Feeling good on the run last weekend is helping a lot with my confidence again. Goals next few weeks:

  • Finish shoulder rehab – doing a ton of stretching to fix the hitch I have when I raise my shoulder and getting massages. Have appt with surgeon Dec 17.
  • Continue with crossfit mixing in cycling/running 3 x a week
  • Take it easier at work
  • Less time on phone and more on future plans/studying/learning.

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