Favorite Full Sun Roofdeck Plants

These plants are tried and true for full sun roofdeck.  They do require water!  Based on 10 years gardening on my South End, Boston roofdeck.

Perennials (come back every year)

  • Blueberries – great berries and fall color, underplant with alyssum and lantana
  • Shrub roses – white seafoam and pink fairy.
  • Scabiosa – purple round, spiky flowers
  • Coreopsis – many varieties – prolific bloomer all summer
  • Heliopsis Lorraine Sunshine – underplant with annuals blue Felicitas and lobelia
  • Coneflower/Echinacea – white, pink
  • Rudbeckia – many varieties
  • Indian Blanket Flower “Gaillardia artista” summers kiss – with lavender
  • Daisies- many perennial varieties
  • Walker’s Low – Nepata Faassenii…beautiful grey/green leaves with continuous flowering blue spikes. Cut back if flowering stops
  • Susanna Mitchell – Anthemis Hybrid…delicate foliage with daisy flowers that close at night
  • Lavender Provence, Hidcote (sometimes these just die over winter – not super hardy)
  • All sedums – many, many varieties
  • Daylillies Stella d’Oro daylilies (yellow), planted with lavender, lamium, and purple/white violas
  • Nicotiana – several varieties/varying heights – white flowers

Annual Vines

  • Mandevillas – these come in climbing vines (pink, white or red) or red bush varieties. Super bloomer
  • “Candy corn” vine available from Hillbilly Acres nurseries…underplant with yellow lantana and alyssum
  • Thunbergia (yellow flower) …underplant with alyssum, brachyscon, zinnias
  • Morning Glories – I plant them everywhere – bloom in morning late summer and fall. Best bloomer by far is variety “Heavenly Blue”.  Can be invasive at ground level.
  • Passion Flowers – totally beautiful flower, climbing vines in a variety of colors

Annuals  (Must buy every year)

  • Arctotis Graadis – beautiful white flowers with silver leaves
  • Verbena
  • Hibiscus – these can be trimmed to be like trees or are in bush form. Continuous bloomer.  Tropical – bring indoors in winter…condition slowly to put outside again
  • Zinnias – Always a winner all summer
  • Double impatients – I am not a big fan of normal impatients but the double ones are fantastic, vibrant colors – a standard for me. Do better with partial shade but recover well after they are wilted.
  • Bacopa – can be good bloomer all summer but may die off in heat spell/needs water
  • Gaura Whirling Butterflies..G. Lindheimeri – Another standard planted with Euphorbia diamond frost
  • Lantana –One of the best heat tolerant plants, variety of colors
  • Allysum – totally heat tolerant and small white blooms all summer, low 2”
  • Brachycon (Asteracea Brachyscome, lemon twist swan river daisy) – fine leaves and small yellow flowers, great for overflowing containers
  • Double petunias – wave variety – these are the only plants that have survived in 5” deep hanging boxes
  • Coleus – plant a mix of them in a container, don’t mix with other plants as they’ll take over
  • Spearmint – great for mojitos
  • Sunvitalia – very heat sensitive, cannot dry out
  • Osteospermum – white with purple centers is my favorite
  • Argyanthemum – prefer cooler weather so may die in hot spell
  • Felicita – small blue flower (Felicia amelloides) good for underplanting

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