2021 An EPIC Year in the Making

I have the UTMB as a longer term goal but first have to fix my shoulder and more importantly, my hip pain to survive the training and just waking up in the morning to put on my socks. A few months ago, my PT said I should feel good every day (and “sore” is considered good – I know the difference between sore/worn out and in pain). I do not. My husband had to help me with my socks this morning.

Short term goal by end Feb: Fix the hip pain and shoulder mobility

SHOULDER PLAN: I hit the six month post surgery mark this week. I have a hitch when I raise my arm and can’t get 180deg yet. I just realized I own Crossfit Symmetry. My plan:

  • Massage 2x a week
  • Crossfit Symmetry 2x a day on mobility then strength when I can do all the mobility.

Measure of Improvement: When standing flat against the wall, how far from the wall can I raise my arms. Probably about a 45 deg gap now.

My surgeon says issue is due to strength and my PT says it needs massage to loosen up the cap so I will do both. The worst exercise is the “Incline Plus” position (ie. wallball push) which is very hard to do with arms straight and just the light bands. Yesterday I tried to do 6 lb wallballs at crossfit and only did <20 before deciding the 150 in the workout was not a smart thing to do. What I can do:

  • Pushups at 35 deg – a lot. Will move to floor this week.
  • Green band pullups
  • Tons of ring rows

HIPS: Went to Dr. Kelly McInnis at MGH and got a diagnosis of B/L gluteal Tendonopathy and sent to a PT, Mike Roberts in Worcester, MA.

Problem: Hips hurt when I lie on them at night. Bursa on both sides equally sore to the touch and general pain in hips. Nothing found on X rays. Saw Mike last week.

Measure of improvement is how much I can minimize the space below my knee when lying flat on my back with lower back pressed to table. Starting 2.25″ air gap under both knees.


Exercises to fix Gluteal tendonopathy

GENERAL MOBILITY: I am trying hard to incorporate all of these plus a yoga session into my new morning routine.

Results to be evaluated end of Jan at next PT session. I accept the challenge.

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