Kilkenney 25 Prep – About as Many Ups/downs as the Course! 9/13/21

Last minute jitters two weeks before the race…..

Am I ready? Why do I feel so slow still?

Two weeks before I almost cried to my coach asking for a pep talk while we were doing Nashoba hill day. He told me that if he didn’t think I was ready we’d be having a serious talk right now…..

I hadn’t done much strength training since my body broke down in May.

I was a few pounds heavy.

Last two months I did the best at the training sessions I have probably ever done 🙂

I was still having trouble just running distance without being tired.

Old speck inflamed my hip….was it going to crush me again like it did in my last 50k race?

I was afraid of setting up a tent.

Where was I going to eat after the race?

Did I have a useable mattress pad?

I didn’t have a good rainjacket.

where exactly was the race?

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