Mt Monadnock 2.75, Laura 1.25, Two attempts 8/31/21 and 9/5/21

The goal was simple 4 hrs 15min with 3-4k in elevation.

FACT: 1 x Monadnock = 2:06 hrs (from 2019) and 1795′ elevation.

Twice I went there trying to do 2 loops (like the infamous DOUBLE SPECK) and battled the rain.

First attempt 8/31/21 I knew it was going to pour that morning (some hurricane remnant moving its way up the coast) but got there early to have a go at it. I couldn’t remember the course and how slick/slabby it was to know if you could do it wet or not.

You could not. Below is what turned me around the first time and I had not remember the huge slabs at the top I found my second time…

I was afraid. I admit it. Got to this part and called it quits with the slippery slabs. Did not want to get stuck up there- it was about halfway up. I ran down and back to this point and back down just to get some elevation (44:49 and 692′ in total) and it started to rain…

It was a sad slog in absolutely torrential downpours as I hit the good ole’ Buttonwood hill in my neighborhood, where I got another 1:15 and 659′ before accepting the ride from my husband. He was worried because of how heavy it was raining. I had been gathering trash while running to keep my mind off these miserable conditions! (Damn the plastic and fast food companies for creating this garbage and the lazy assholes that discard it wherever they choose…)

Laura .25 , Monadnock 1.75 (as I only made it halfway up of a target 2 full ups/down).

Second attempt 9/15, also on day rain was expected. I thought I could beat it but did one ascent/descent and it started. Now I saw the huge, slippery slabs and felt the rain and decided to do my final 2.25 hrs on a trail in Hollis. While I was near the top, you could the fog/rain rolling in and I raced down the mountain!!

At least I made one loop!!! Note that I DID NOT LIKE the White Cross trail coming down and would recommend going up and down the White Dot next time (other runners had already learned this and passed me coming down several times).

Laura 1, Monadnock 1 (as I only completed 1 of 2 loops)

Until next time, when I crush this mountain in a knock out!!

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