Up and Down, Up and Down… Pack Monadnock x4 on Sat 6/25/22

Being afraid is a great motivator. Three weeks until I fly off to Europe to do the TMB! I have three huge training weekends left.

10.5 miles, 3208′ elevation and 4:27 hours.

Good things:

  • Pack Monadnock is only 30 min from home…. I got to go to a plant store on the way home!
  • Great practice running downhill on a flat surface, which is faster but harder on the legs than walking down a technical trail. I had calf cramps after one loop I think because of that….
  • Love the Wapack Trail!!!
  • Beautiful day
  • Felt super strong going up the first time, calf cramping on the 2nd, ran up hill on the 3rd for fun and had a good final hike up trail final loop

Lessons Learned:

  • Miller state park is not busy in the summer – I thought it would be full and there was plenty of parking all day
  • Road is mostly shaded and quick to run down. Could do the loop up Wapack and down the road to the pedestrian crosswalk in 1 hr.
  • This hike has great views!!

And when I got home, my sweet husband made me a chicken, asparagus and frozen daiquiri dinner! Just in time to go to bed and get up at 5am to do the Kinsmans the next morning…..


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