the Downhill Zone…Mt Garfield 8/1/21

Hiked 8/1/21 with Sam Broadaway and Gary Lombardo. I was afraid of running with these two animals!! I am way slower and had done two huge hikes this last week – wasn’t sure how much I had left in me 🙂

This hike turned out to be epic! Fantastic non-technical trail that we ran down almost the entire way. 9-10 miles, 3.5 hours, ~21min/mile, 3000′ elevation.

Just like Mt Tecumseh, which I ran down in the snow earlier this year, running downhill was an absolute blast. If you start going pretty fast, trusting your feet, concentrating on the next two steps, it really is magical and super fun. We hiked up so I could reserve energy and had plenty to careen down.

No poles used/needed.

This week has been a huge confidence builder with a total of 11,700′ elevation (skyline, nashoba, mt washington/monroe and garfiefld), 3 long runs 3.5-6 hours long and I did Nashoba and 5 miles of tempo runs Friday night. I know I can do the Greylock half marathon in a few weeks now 🙂

These extra days off are doing me good and am hoping to see the less-stressed Laura start to have energy to do anything in my time off!

Beautiful day. Epic Run. Great running partners. A handsome husband to come home to. Bright Future.

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