Corona virus, elections, work stress and a plan to overcome

I have been in a declining state of mental health which equals physical health the last few months.

  • My company is selling the business. Because of the uncertainty, over half my team has quit and we are trying to continue to support a growing install base during the transition, which will hopefully occur first quarter 2021.
  • US elections just occurred and hopefully the horrible policies of the current administration will end soon.
  • Corona virus remains unchecked because of the administration requiring continued isolation at home
  • My shoulder is getting better but it has been 5 months now of adding PT appointments and extra work to bring it back to health

In my last blog, I was celebrating running ~8 miles in good health. A week after that, I went to run a few loops of a local 3 mile trail loop and couldn’t even make it running once around. I could barely finish walking it! I am just tired and super stressed.

My new plan:

  • Do something fun every day – play piano 15″ sight reading, 15″ fun review
  • Increase activity levels. Get back and build up strength in crossfit. I need to modify a lot but made it to 3 classes this last week! Standing at home working 8+ hours a day has made my daily steps plumment down to <1000. I can tag on aerobic run/cycle/row onto this but this forces me to stop working and go to class.
  • Eliminate lunchtime meetings and go walking with Kenny
  • Increase planned calories to maintenance 2000 to not feel bad every day about going over and then cut later. I probably have 10 lbs I can lose but don’t want to stress over it right now!

I am also going to convert over to be vegetarian, although not totally strict, and see how this impacts my energy levels. A little self-experimentation!

It is a challenge right now. My hips still hurt from a year ago – am going to see an orthopedic specialist to rule out anything serious vs. just mobility items I can work and I don’t feel so good on just a few mile run.

I need some fun and hope every day to get out of this rut. Biden won and I cried – I think anyone with empathy is stressed about the what is happening to a lot of people right now. I rang my cowbell outside for a minute in celebration and my signage is staying up until the current “President” accepts defeat or is finally carried out when Biden is sworn in.

I also put up my Christmas tree last weekend!

Let’s all hope for a less stressful 2021

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