Walking is not running

I got the go ahead to run again 3 months post surgery at the end of September. As I had been walking for 2.5 -3 hours I decided to just go out and try to run that. I ran and had some walking but it destroyed me after 2.5 hours and I could barely move running at the end and it destroyed me for the rest of the day.

Walking is not running. I had not expected that.

So then I ran 15 min and walking 15 min to build endurance back.

The good news is that within a month on October 31 I completed a 7.6 mile run in 1:27 – all running on a messy, snowy day and felt pretty good at the end, even picking it up the last mile!

Keep the faith and realize that you really do need train in the exact way you expect to perform. I am not sure how cross training with bicycle will work as I train to run 50 and 100 mile races where you also need to get your body used to the loads specifically due to running….

Beautiful day for a run though on the Nashua rail trail – ran to the Pepperell “station” and back. Note first snow of the year!

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