The Epic Ragnar Zion 5/13-14 2022 After Two Years!

Two teams traveled to Vegas, then drove a few hours out to Zion Park for Ragnar. Over 3000 runners over 2 days at 6400′ elevation and temperatures fluctuating from 32F to over 85F.

New: GoPro – making movie for the team, first use of gators, first runs done at such high elevation with really no issues

I was runner #8 so although our team started ~9am, I didn’t run until 4pm, then 3:30am and then finished the race around 2pm!

Elevation gain <500′ for green, yellow trail and 1000′ for red (it seemed worse because it was very steep). Beautiful views, some sandy tough trails but a really great experience.

Had another very fun (albeit cold waiting ) run in the dark with the best smores I’ve ever had afterwards! First night everyone froze when it got down to 32F….I was toasty in my new Zenbivy sleep system!

Some really beautiful views starting from Vegas out to the event:

Ryan and I were the best cheerers and I brought my largest cowbell!

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