Hills & Mountains for Training


Runnable trails/mountains from request to facebook 4000 footers group:

  • Mt Garfield:  DONE AND GREAT
  • Mount Moosilauke via gorge brook
  • any trail coming out of Lincoln woods
  • Carter dome via 19 mile brook up to zeta pass.  Go around Height
  • Not mountain but great run in whites.  run from zealand trailhead thru the zealand notice to thoreau falls – 5 miles each way.  along an old rail line and can make a side trip to Zealand Falls hut
  • running down Cannon.  Ridge trail.  Banked corners are awesome

Presidential Traverse:  23 miles, 9000′, typically north to south (different start/end points).  Ref: https://sectionhiker.com/great-hikes-a-presidential-traverse/

  • Mt Madison – 5367 feet
  • Mt Adams – 5774 feet
  • Mt Jefferson – 5712 feet
  • Mt Clay – 5533 feet
  • Mt Washington – 6288 feet
  • Mt Monroe – 5384 feet
  • Mt Franklin – 5001 feet
  • Mt Eisenhower – 4780 feet
  • Mt Pierce – 4310 feet
  • Mt Jackson – 4052 feet

Pemi Loop! Shut in by wind and rain on Lafayette Mountain and Garfield Ridge we finally saw the sky at Bondcliffs and through the descent back into the woods! 30 miles, 9,700’ elevation gain, nine 4,000 footers in the White Mountain National Forest in just under 15 hours.

Lakes region:

Mount Major

from Anne:

  • Presidential traverse 20 mi
  • Cannon Mtn loop 11 mi  then ride tram down
  • Katahdan
  • south and north baldface
  • mount chocora loop trail

(from Dave Fatula)

skyline trail



Mt Garfield:  8/1/21  What an awesome, fast running trail.  3000′ elevation, 3.5 hours, 10 miles.  Hardly any rocks. Gradual climb, beautiful view.  Did with Sam Broadway and Gary Lombardo – was intimidating!

Mt Washington/Monroe Spur:  7/28/21  Beautiful day 53F and around 35 with chill at top.  Not very runnable.  Rock fields not that bad at top/many setup as steps.  Love cloud hut!

Tecumseh:  Winter hike in 3/21/21 short and fantastic to run down on flat snow path 4.74 mi, 2:18:55, 2283ft  microspikes

Mt Osceola and East Osceola 10/24/20:  Drizzy day ~59F.  Not really runnable.  Typical difficulty, even “chimney” between the two peaks is not bad.  No view on East Osceola.

Mt Hancock 10/11/20:  Marginal views, average difficulty.  A wet trail I would NOT do in spring due to several crossings and walking up rocks with water coming down in October.  Not good fall leaf hike.

Old Speck (twice in one day) in ME:  August 2019:  Beautiful hike with highly varied terrain, can run near bottom else pretty rocky as usual in new England

Nashoba Ski Resort (Westford, MA):  Do hills there every Tuesday morning 6:30am.  Each one is 0.20 miles and 250′.  Soul sucking but convenient and am among friends with weight vests, sandbags and buckets. Latest walk/run record is 3:11 on 6/18/19, 5:08 40 lb sandbag, 4:32 20 lb vest.  Hill steeper than it appears below.  My life changed the day my coach showed me hill climbing technique and I also realized that steady “walking” can be faster than “running.”  Also the value of pacing yourself – last week I had total muscular failure near top from going out too hard – have not had that happen before.  If I go steady, I like to be able to run the last 30 yards.

Wachusett Dam:  105′ each, nice loop to go up and down with.  First time I ever did it, only made it 75% of the way.  Separate post on this one elsewhere.

Neighborhood hills on Buttonwood:  0.23 miles, ~2:27

Pack Monadnock:  Did 6/2/19, 2.77 miles, 1:07:58 total, 919′ elevation.  45″ to top, not steep.  Wapack trail from bottom of hill is beautiful, but Marian David is a little more runnable on the way down but not as scenic.  Next time need to run over to North Pack Monadnock (estimated 6.8 miles,  2100′ if starting from lower parking lot (vs. parking at top of Pack Monadnock)

Mt. Monadnock: Did 6/23/19.  116 Poole Rd, Jaffrey, NH.  Took 2 hours roundtrip, 3.85 miles and 1800′ elevation.  Not much flat part to run – very rocky and a lot of rock clambering going up.  Need shoes with good tread for the rocks, which can be steep.  Slightly wet /got one shoe wet.  Tried out new Nathan vest (very sloshy) and Altra superior shoes (tread not good for this).  Took recommended route of White Dot trail going up from visitor center and White cross trail going down.

Skyline Trail – Blue Hills 7/13/19  Super Technical Trail, 15.79 miles, 6:12:54

21:16 moving pace, moving time 5;35 (rest was crying on side of the path), HR 126/170, 4170′ elevation. Fell twice

Wachusett Ski resort  (7/28/19) Can get a variety of courses from the North Face Endurance Races:   https://www.thenorthface.com/get-outdoors/endurance-challenge/massachusetts/course-guides.html

Started at ski lodge parking lot but opposite area from lodge, Balance Rock Trail.

I followed 2/3 of the half marathon choosing to go straight up to the top. 11.02 miles, 3:42, 2507′ elevation (to summit twice plus up a short ski lift once).  Hot day.  18:13/mi moving pace

Trails way less technical than Skyline with clambering only on short stretches near the top.  Bicentennial trail although wrapping the bottom is technical – Visitor center for bathrooms/water

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