Kilkenney 25 Miler: Once You Go In, The Only Way Out is to Finish 9/18/21

I raced the dark popping out of the woods just before the last light faded away to a few souls cheering me as I ran by the tiki torches to the finish flags! I felt elated and like crying at the same time.

I never really had tired legs like at Killington or Stonecat and ran in strong! I’ll take that although my overall pace was slower than anticipated. My hips held out great, I felt very strong at the end, although tired the first 2-3 miles, felt better and better as race went along. Very technical terrain – knowing how strong I was at the end, I wished I pushed running more throughout the race. Great weather except for a downpour around mile 17.

Planning Document/List of Stuff to bring:

Lessons Learned:

  • Ensure shoelaces are tied tight! My left one was undone and started a blister on my big toe…. I had just opened laces on right foot to help with the bunion and double knotted it so bottom could stay loose.
  • Get 2 stickers….am starting race collection on car and on bin
  • Have food available for overnight hunger. I woke up famished and thank goodness I had a banana and some white rolls!
  • Worked out well having a bag of associated running stuff (ie trail toes, washrag, etc) and a separate bag of camp stuff.
  • Bring water with you. Was stressed at night trying to fill up jugs at the campsite using the showerhead which got me all wet!

This was a very wild single track with a lot of trees down over it or shrubs/trees in the way (literally had 6′ trees smacking us in the face as we ran THROUGH them) but beautiful….

Near top of Mt Waumbek

I met two new friends who ran most of the course with me, Madeline and Vincent!

A few pics from the course:

In truth, I was more afraid of camping by myself than of the race. We had to practice setting up the tent in our house the week before and I was terrified. Thank goodness the gentleman in the campsite next to me popped by and helped me out – it was super humid with a million bugs and I spent 30 min racing the dark trying to patch up the tarp that went under! I struggled with lanterns because I didn’t remember I had a great headlamp…. I struggled getting water and will bring more with me vs. trying to find it in the dark…. Food planned for dinner and race was perfect! Proud of myself in the end for the successful camp and the FANTASTIC OUTDOOR SHOWER! I was all worried that it was cold water only and it was perfect…. I went to bed tired but clean and happy!

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