My training is what it is! Day before Hamsterwheel 11/5/21

I trained my ass off all summer for Kilkenny in Sept and then a week after the race my wheels fell off with my work stress and trip to NH to help out mom.

This is an experiment: Does 2 weeks of not so great training (good bikes on weekend, aborted long runs and one good last long run with my trail marathon last weekend) result in a good race or does the 2 lost weeks negate all the months before??

I am remembering all the training and miles I have done.

I have a new interval timer and am going to try out the minute running, 30 s power walking strategy (tested last night). I got the book by Jeff Galloway and had been doing 1 mile, 1 minute or 2 miles, 2 minutes and found out this isn’t right. Apparently any walk over 30 second doesn’t really help much. It was stressful watching my watch so this auto vibrator should be awesome. Maybe it will make these 50 miles EASY!

2/3 of my crew bailed. I am left with my man, Kenny! Easiest crewing ever with this loop. I just want my own food and water/tailwind. I practiced writing up crew instructions:

Above is a tracking sheet so they can watch my speed, etc. I plan to come in about once per hour so it’s pretty easy on this course!

Last month hasn’t been pretty. Drinking wine, eating Halloween candy, super stressed from work and little sleep. But I’ve tried to recover this last week and feel good I’ll make it, just not sure how much of a sufferfest it will be!

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