Conquered “The Double Speck!” 8/27/21

It is historic. It is tradition. A critical tough training session, during the family vacation at Papoose Pond, before a big race in Sept. , race – THE DOUBLE SPECK!



OK OK OK I was a little slower in 2021. I’m blaming the extra 10-15 lbs and work stress!

This is a TOUGH MOUNTAIN! The trail is ROCK, which HURT and I lost a toenail after with all the slamming against the front of my shoe. I finally looked up the tricks to tying shoelaces to minimize foot sliding (ie. tie a note in the laces after a few traverses) and am buying shoes size 10 now, another 1/2 size up. I felt Ok from an effort standpoint after the first ascent/descent but my feet hurt so that slowed me down the second time around…

Disappointing for sure I was slower than in 2019 but I’ll take it based on how horrible 2021 has been with work and the toll that situation has taken on me.

This year I had some better gear with extra water flasks so could easily pack for the second ascent and I had new nutrition with the chocolate/cashew/date balls. Also way better weather!

Every double Speck deserves a BIG BREAKFAST the next day! Blueberry pancakes the size of my head….

This year, we moved to a campsite across the road from Ruth and still suffered from the deflating queen size blowup mattress 🙂

Until next year. And we reserved a full week for 2022!!

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