Recovery (T+9), Some Big Thoughts and My Next Ultra Attempt in a Month

Last Thursday (T+4) I went out for an hour easy run – first one since race, Zone 2 and my heart rate bounced between 80 and over 150 – couldn’t maintain Z2 for the life of me.  Crazy.  I felt pretty hurt the night of the race going to bed after telling Kenny “DO NOT TOUCH ANY PART OF ME.”  I felt great the next day – a little stiff but honestly better than after the 2 Spartan Supers and after some of the weekend long runs.  My only pain was the top of my foot above my bunion which has taken over a week to not hurt all the time.  Felt worse on Monday – darn tired and emotional driving to work being proud and sad at the same time.    The following Sat, I did a 30 mile bike, 2000′ climb in total with some friends to family apple picking and they worked me! This included the biggest hill I have ever gone up on a bike (the first steep one).  This is the famous “Mt Vernon” hill….Note that a few hours later I was fast asleep in the middle of 30 people and worn out for the rest of the day!


I’ve pretty much been tired every night since the race.  Today I missed the standard Nashoba hill runs but did six in my neighborhood that used to be scary and were surprisingly easy!!  That is exciting as I used to only get to the 2nd mailbox…..and was pretty psyched a few months ago when I actually made it (barely) to the top.

I did have enough energy though to get myself into the Stone Cat 50k on Nov 2, which will replace the marathon I had been planning to run.  I want to be able to say I am an ultra runner.  Decently flat course – 3 10 mile loops and one month to recover and prep.

I also found a podcast I like:

and found two things in this podcast I’ve been thinking about:

  1. I think I like long runs and training because of the problem solving aspect.  I am always learning something, or doing something I have never done before, seeing new things, making new friends, getting super tired and beat up with bruises all over – I love it!  You run into the void not knowing what will happen and just do the best you can – it’s you against you and I am a formidable enemy.
  2. I disagree when they went on and on about how “nothing matters.”  I agree that petty worries don’t matter and that we are all pampered with not a ton of real serious issues – waking up after having my rib taken out proved to me how happy I was just to be alive and put things into perspective.  Plenty of stuff that doesn’t matter has bothered me over the years and I’ve tried to get better at dealing with it.  But a lot of things matter and they don’t have to be big huge things like the planet is being destroyed.  Just being kind to someone who’s having a bad day matters.


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