How to Save Garmin Battery Life

Hamsterwheel race Garmin lasted 14 hours in temps ranging from 28F to 50F throughout the day/night – crapped out on last lap of 4 miles! I should have turned off HR monitor. Garmin is 2 yrs old.

How to save battery life:

  1. Lower backlight timer: sett/sys/backlight/during activity/8 sec
  2. turnoff bluetooth/notifications: sett/phone/status=OFF **this is the one you put on/off before and after race
  3. Turnoff HR monitor: sett/sens + acc/wrist HR=OFF
  4. Turnoff activity tracking: sett/activity track=OFF

Note: How to set alerts: sett/act+apps/run/run settings/alerts

I always have time = 15 min, distance =1 mile for RUN

bike = 15 min, 5 miles

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