Great Advice and Love the Comaraderie of the Ultra Crowd

Loved this book written by someone who emphasizes the kindness of others in the ultrarunning crowd.  I understand it.  The pain/hard work humbles you and through your own vulnerability, you have more empathy/kindness towards others.

A few good lessons learned from the book I will use:

  • Always smile…fake it til you make it!
  • Relentless progress forward without dawdling at aid stations.  you will want to quit many times but don’t.
  • Bodies will go as long as you need it to.  If you think you’re doing 10 miles, you’ll be tired at 10 or 50 or 100.
  • Visualize how you’ll handle issues like a sick stomach, hurt legs, sore knees, blisters…
  • Embrace suffering, practice keeping going when you feel terrible
  • Remind yourself of your hard training – don’t waste the early morning
  • Keep moving while hallucinating
  • It’s always dark before the dawn – be patient and things will turn around
  • With crew/pacers, use them to help you and tell them what to do/what you want them to do
  • Never do math/calculations on pace.  Focus on current mile only.
  • DO not listen to justifications on why quit.
  • Expect the end of the race to be hard.  The last 30 miles are as hard as the first 70.

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