Out of Gas 10/17 and 10/24/21

Two darn weekends in a row I have run out of gas during my Sunday long run. Yesterday I made it 2.5 hrs out of 7. Every step was a struggle. I had done 5 hrs biking day before and felt fine.

This stinking job is crushing me. We had a fire discharge at our largest site a week and a half ago. Another full time job I am covering. Didn’t do any workouts T-F last week while working 12 hour days.

I feel like a failure because I am failing at getting this situation under control. I am so tired, I don’t think I am a good manager for those working for me.

I am doing my best until the 50 miler 11/6 and we’ll see if a little rest does me good!

Despite being tired, it was a beautiful two weeks of fall.

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