That’s What Love Is … and Weathering Corona Virus

Craziest March I’ve ever known.  I haven’t been at work for six weeks now with at least another two more and suspect this “stay at home” order due to Corona virus will be extended thru April. Kenny has been in SC with his family the last month (since the day after we returned from the Philippines).

Kenny’s dad passed away March 20, 2020.  Love is caring for someone the last days of their life.  I watched this every day I was down there as they took care of him and calmed him when he “woke up” in distress. Big Ken passed away quietly surrounded by his mom and kids, Kenny and Barbara.

On the Corona virus front, the situation is escalating in NYC and across the US. I think it will only get worse the next few weeks, especially with the absolute failure of the federal govt to coordinate state activities – it is a free for all right now.  I was worried about Kenny driving home up the east coast tomorrow but he does have an essential worker letter.  Despite that grim situation, spring is coming and hellebores and snowdrops are outside.  The snow finally melted this week – we got a heavy 10″ last Monday that took down a bunch of limbs:

Honestly, working and being at home is fine with me and not so different from what I would normally do.  Yesterday I did some spring leaf raking and drug all the huge branches out of the yard.

Because of the closing of gyms, my home equipment is expanding with the addition of a bosu ball, several kettlebells, and more dumbbells.  While I was in SC, I have to say I loved the garage wods (did them all with the cat Pepper) and ran some hills with sandbag.  My nephew Jaime did a 2 hr run/bike with me

Equipment updates:  Love the new bosu ball, which has exposed how weak my right side is and the KB workouts and quotes from  Pavel:

“enjoy the pain”

“exercise good judgement or stay on the machines you sissy”

“kettlebells are used to weed out the weakness of the Russian gene pool”

Finally I have my 20# weighted vest and did a 40 min run which kicked my ass!

On the running/workout community side, I finally met someone from the nashua/hollis running groups and did a long run with Rita:


After the Philippines, Amanda Jacob and I have continued our morning workout tradition on saturday mornings.  I got a whiteboard to use outside and we’ve been social distancing in the driveway this week:

I need to find someone to do tempo runs and intervals with!  I spent March working more on strength, realizing I had been punting on that with my shoulder, and just tried.  Worked well until I reinjured my shoulder this week and can’t lift it (felt fine during workout but maybe the 75 overhead presses, 60 pushups, and 60 DB chest presses from floor were too much.  This may be an incentive to move up the surgery – I had been thinking that maybe I didn’t need it…


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