I have put myself in Time Out

Post TMB

I was very stressed during the TMB and realized on Day 4 on the steep ascent from Cormayeur to Refuge Bonatti that I needed a time out. The stress from a horrible job to a new job, from worrying about my mom, from a heavy training schedule was too much to sustain. I’ve been gaining weight over the last 1.5 years and need to get back to basics. A normal schedule with workouts 4x a week (extras are bonus) to gain strength back, at the right time work my nutrition and lose the weight, and have some time to add joy to my life.

I am in timeout until early 2023.

I want to get my sleep in order.

I want to read more books vs. watching movies.

I want to think about retirement.

I want to support my husband.

I want to spend time with my mom and sister.

I changed my participation in Ragnar VT from an ultra to a regular team which was fun and am not training for any more big races this year. I want to be strong like I was in 2019 in 2023 but need to regroup.

Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up.


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