Cold/Hot Weather Running Clothing Standards and Battery Life

Have had a few cold days up here in New Hampshire and wanted to keep track of how my clothing and battery life is going.  One day this week while I was running in 7F temps, my iphone was doing GPS for fitbit and Runfit app – died in just one mile…

Iphone6 in airplane mode only lasted 4 hours while using screen with Alltrails app on a ~64F day.

57F  roasted in long sleeve light rashguard – wear skort and short sleeve shirt with high viz vest

  • Iphone started 84% ended 20% after 2 hours using runfit and metronome apps only
  • NOTE:  57F in Hollis NH probably means very cold up in the whites. ended up wearing med weight smartwool shirt plus jacket sometimes doing hike Mt. Hancock in NH 10/11/20, plus needed gloves

43-54F  No need for fleece, just wore long sleeve light rashguard and high viz vest

Lesson learned from ultra:  Started in low 50s but rain and wind.  Wore sleeveless shirt and compression pants which were find 98% of first loop even after swim.  Brought light jacket in ziploc bag in case it is needed.  Wet is OK as you need the barrier.  I only used it at the top of the mountain and really needed it after the swim the 2nd loop but did not have it.  Carry the few extra ounces!

43F and rainy:  definitely too warm to wear the Norvan insulated goretex jacket even with a very light shirt underneath!!

Ran in 43F 1/26/20 in short sleeve shirt and arms froze.  Use long sleeved shirt.  Totally fine without fleece and just had t shirt and high vis vest.

BICYCLING:  high 40s with some wind – wore heavier smartwool shirt, maroon wind jacket and high vis jacket, bicycling shorts with lightweight wind snow pants over it and was fine.  No gloves.  1st outdoor ride of year 4/11/20!

Above 32 deg F:

  • Stonecat 50k:  32F to start race with no wind, midweight fleece was too hot along with hydration vest.  Need something lighter if no wind perhaps heavier smartwool shirt.
  • Lightweight smartwool longsleeve shirt and mid weight fleece, no gloves required (unless perhaps windy), standard midweight leggings (not the super thin yoga kind but the athletic compression leggings of athleta).   No hat but can use band around ears.
  • Iphone batteries run down within 90 min if using for GPS fitbit/runfit apps and using music or audible (not streaming)

High 20s:

  • When no wind, midweight smartwool shirt is too hot and fleece leggings good
  • Add gloves to above and if cold wind, windproof shell.
  • Using basic leggings, my legs were hard to feel after 8 miles so I want to add lightweight leg liner next time

12 deg F – no wind

  • Heavier weight smartwool long sleeve, midweight fleece.  reflective jacket.
  • std leggings plus goretex shell pants – just right, not cold or hot
  • need better gloves – cold at first
  • winter buff over head and face
  • iphone on airplane mode lasted an hour

7 deg F

  • Heavier weight smartwool long sleeve shirt, midweight fleece.  Should have added another lightweight layer as I did for Turkey trot which was a few degrees warmer…
  • Hat is a definite although you might end up with sweat ice chunks after the run!  Got a little hot – might try a heavier duty ear covering
  • gloves and a pair of lightweight glove liners – this was not enough as my hands froze!  Looking for solution here – tricky as you don’t want to be hot either but this was too cold
  • I also had on a pair of leggings with fleece but this was also not enough – need to add another thin liner.
  • Also could use something for face – was totally frozen.
  • Iphone used for fitbit/runfit with GPS, died within 1 mile – this has me looking into Garmin devices now – either Forerunner 935 or Felix 5

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