My First Tire change At AGE 54

It took me two years to finally try and change my bike tire. I thought after a year of 3+ hour rides, I should at least know how to take care of it. I got a bike stand, soap/degreaser, a brush to clean with all this year. Finally, a few months later, took the stand out to learn how to change my tire. Forced, mind you, because my valve stem broke so I had no choice.

Wasn’t too bad. Glad I know how. The basics:

Align tire “name” area with valve stem

Take some air out before you start

Take out locking nut from inside of rim

Start at least 8″ from valve stem

Use lower parts of palms to push outer tire into groove

Remove the washer from around the shrader valve so you can remove it

Blow up inner tube a little to make it easier to install, enure it is seated and blow up ultimately slowly.

I use a 700×20-28c 40mm presta valve inner tube (specialized brand)

I don’t know why I hate doing this mechanical stuff so much but I absolutely dread it….would rather weed a 2 acre lot!

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