AAR 7/29/19 Not my best effort, dog days of summer and working out

GREAT THING:  I actually feel like a normal person without pain.  Soreness is all good but daily pain was awful.  This is the first time in over a year that I have been a whole person able to workout without shoulder injury, back pain or shoulder pain! Trying to be smart not to reinjure while working strength again….this will take a while/past Ultra race date.

Good things last week:

  • Right shoulder feels great so started pullups/was crippled from Fri-last tuesday.  Got pullups bars for work!
  • Did some two legged lifting at Crossfit, which ended up hurting my back over the weekend but nice to feel like a normal person again
  • Got worked on by Steph/massage therapy
  • Sacrificed some working out for work and for deciding to spend time doing what I love, gardening in my yard Saturday before my birthday dinner
  • Tried out new Salomon Sense Ride 2 shoes, which held up great during Wachusett Run.  Felt more support than Alta Superiors, only “pain” was on right foot where bone sticks out near big toe and it was fine.  Feet did not hurt at end of run.
  • Technical running getting easier
  • Love the long rides and running the best
  • Avoided chafing by going commando running/was horrible last weekend

Things to improve

  • Missed three workouts T/W/R  Was just tired in morning and after work although did Crossfit one of those days.
  • Don’t forget salt stix!  Cycling on last hard week of month was surprisingly difficult/only did 2 vs. 3 hours and was tired.  No cramping though/only difference was salt stix.  Other weeks did 3 hours and felt spectacular after – strange.
  • Fear of mountains – fear struck my heart lucking up at Wachusett ski trails.  Going to the top was actually relatively easy but its the bare slopes.  I think fear of heights vs. work but who knows?  I don’t want to be intimidated by the mountain.  I wanted to run up and down the slopes to prove who’s boss but the guys at the top told me it was against the law.(?)  I think back to Bonefrog, which I absolutely loved going up, and down, and up,and down, and up, and down….
  • I don’t do as well in competition as I do alone.  Don’t know how to fix this.  Maybe because I never feel like I start out strong and am always struggling at the beginning (even alone).  During the race, what helps me a lot is encouraging others whether they are slower or faster than me.  Gets my mind off of me.
  • Afraid of 14000′ and the time on feet at Killington.  I remember what I read about how your body will do what it is expected to and you will always feel tired at the end of any run as you know it is the end.  If you knew you were going further, your body would adjust.  Am counting on that.
  • Need to bring sun block and bug spray

Here are some pics from my Sunday run at Wachusett – no falls, no tears!  Salomon Sense 2 shoes worked well


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