Race Pace and Mental Preparations…T-7 days

Spent some time this week getting mentally prepared….remembering all the hard work I’ve done this year, all the friends made, how much I’ve learned and improved…


I also spent some time trying to figure out if my coachs’ recommended mile pace (26 min/mile 1st loop and 28 min/mile 2nd loop) was in line with what I’ve been doing on my last big runs.  I made this comparison to compare runs.  Critical factors:

  • Elevation gain/miles run –  Great comparative factor
  • Obstacles (bonefrog, boston super/sprint)
  • Super rock technical trail (and slowest times) (Skyline, mountain runs) vs. grassy run
  • Similar obstacle course on grass with elevation (Bonefrog)

Comparison looks like this and Garys’ recommended time of 26 min/mile 1st loop and 28 min/mile 2nd seems right on if not a little conservative.


I’ve got my plan and bin ready to decorate also – my plan is to get in/out of transition as fast as possible.  During tomorrow’s last longish run (90 min), I will eat chicken soup and try taping calves in preparation so its not the first time I do this in the race.


I am surprisingly not nervous about it.

AM JUST GOING TO GO OUT AND DO WHAT I DO…. work hard over a long time loving every second of it.

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