Laura’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day (Week)

Note I am having a very bad week (relatively speaking) – I know I am very lucky and am appreciative of my health, my family, my friends…but:
  • I am back at work vs. being on an awesome vacation in the Philippines watching the sunrise on a sandy beach
  • Kennys dad went into hospice so he is helping his parent out for a few weeks.  Not good.  Pushed out shoulder surgery.  This changes my whole years’ plan.  I’m alone in the country without any cats….
  • I am banned from work for being in Asia so being treated like an outcast.  This actually works better for me giving me back 2 hrs in a day…. I know this.
  • Serious jet lag and issues sleeping – burnt my salmon dinner to a crisp while falling asleep at 6pm, waking up around 11 and being up until 4am.  Thank goodness I can roll out of bed at 7:30-8 and work in my pajamas
  • Feeling like I have the very start of a cold – or possibly corona virus!!!!! Not sure if my unusual crippled status after the long run Saturday was jet lag, due to scuba diving decompression, the beginnings of being sick or what.  I’ve felt weird this week after workouts – unusually tired.
  • Thought Monday as a normal day off and it wasn’t so I missed my workout
  • Having “serious” equipment issues with
    • my HR monitor refusing to work
    • bike setup – just spent 30 min at 10 pm trying to get it projecting zwift to TV for various reasons (partly because I’m old and with my exercise contacts in, I can’t see the cable outlet names to change the TV settings to read in the signal from the apple TV device vs. what Kenny flips it to to watch movies while he’s on the adjacent rower…..again, old age).
    • My butt also hurts because I haven’t been on the bike that much.
    • I also had to work super hard to keep a basic 90 rpm – that used to be easy and now, just like running, I am struggling to do the basics of what I did last year.
  • I have this polyp thing (woman issue) requiring a simple day surgery that I can do now with shoulder pushout do but they won’t schedule it for 2 months, which means I continue to have a period like every day for 2 more months – that sucks (TMI I know)
  • Trying to be strict on nutrition – afraid to get on scale after vacation (I was very sensible by thet way and did exercise almost every day).  Must drop at least 5 lbs.  Ate an entire batch of cookie dough this week – total fail but hit macros yesterday 🙂
  • I’m reading this book “endure” which basically says that everything is my fault – that I could be a world class runner as its all mental…..
And my coach wants me to run a record mile time despite me being a minute slower despite hard effort in the recent weeks.  Is it mental?  My body is stuck in slow mode and hes trying to break me out of it.
At least I have my new Toto toilet (higher to help my quads when they hurt sitting down), and Toto washlet that sprays, heats, lights up and keeps itself clean.

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